Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Audi Reveals 2 Seater Urban Concept Car, Audi's New Urban Concept Car with Carbon fiber rainforced polymer, Completely New Concept Car by Audi

Audi reveals New Urban Concept car which will be on the display at Frankfurt motor show in September 2011.
Audi Urban Concept have so far shown through some vague sketches. Although it doesn't bear the name, the Urban Concept is technically part of Audi's e-tron electric vehicle programme, drawing power from two electric motors.

This Car is basically a concept made from carbon fiber rainforced polymer which integrates the undercarriage of both seats. it's been built as an exemplar of the manufacturer's ultra-lightweight philosophy, which sees every ounce of unnecessary mass removed. Which explains why the entire monocoquepit's made from carbon fibre-reinforced polymer.

What is Carbon fiber rainforced polymer ?
Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer or carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP or CRP), is a very strong and light fiber-reinforced polymer which contains carbon fibers. The polymer is most often epoxy, but other polymers, such as polyester, vinyl ester or nylon, are sometimes used. The composite may contain other fibers such as Kevlar, aluminium, glass fibers as well as carbon fiber.

Car's Interior
In the cabin, driver and passenger seats are molded into the body, and the driver can adjust the pedal and steering wheel positions to suit.

As for the oddly-spaced Caparo T1-like seats, Audi says the intent there is to ensure that both occupants are afforded plenty of space while giving the vehicle.

According to U.K. magazine Autocar, the Urban Concepts use a 15kW electric motor and lithium ion battery pack, and Audi claims a top speed of 62mph, with range of only 37 miles - so the concepts really are meant exclusively for an urban environment.

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