Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to Impress your boss? - GOLDEN Ways To Make Your Job Better & Make Your Boss Love You

The road to success only begins when you get the job , succeeding at work takes initiative and hard work.In order to keep one's boss happy, and hopefully secure our own jobs, here are some useful tips to consider.These tips can prove very helpful in your carrier & help to attain success.

These are some GOLDEN points to remember & follow :

Be positive:

Asways have a positive attitude. There's nothing worse than having an employee who whines and complains all the time. Even though you may not be happy with a project assigned to you, try to present a positive attitude towards accomplishing the goals set by your boss & make him feel that you are comfartable with him. A positive attitude presented by an employee is the approach all bosses want to see.

Show initiative:

Very few people like to take initiative ,try to be one of them .It's no secret that bosses like employees who ask for more responsibility rather than waiting for the extra work to be assigned to them. For instance, if layoffs have occurred in your workplace, that probably means more work to be spread around to those left behind. It will leave a good impression for your boss if you volunteer to take over some of the workload left by former employees.

Be honest:


It also suits best in your job.Everyone makes mistakes -- and you're no exception. Be forthcoming about it from the start. "Admit if you do something wrong, and then ask your boss how you can rectify the situation. Don't allow yourself to get caught in a maze of lies or excuses that will result in a loss of credibility,"

Give credit to your boss on all occasions & all sucess:

When you complete a task/priject, do not forget to praise him/her for his/her unconditional support. After successful completion of project, in addition to your regular assignment report, write a separate mail thanking him/her for supporting you to complete the assignment, and mark a copy to her boss. This would certainly please him/her most.Its also realises him his importance as a BOSS.

Put in the long hours when it counts:

This help him to develop a faith in you. If the boss has a deadline to meet and asks for your help, then it's a good idea to jump in and do whatever necessary to help him/her meet that deadline. If the boss hasn't specifically asked for your help, it makes an even better impression when you volunteer to help.This also help you to build a healthier & friendly relation between you & your BOSS

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